Groups of 5 students, live teacher.

Learning Chinese has never been easier

Make up to 60 Chinese classes every month for £ 72, you can choose your classes and the available schedule for them.
E-academy of Orientalmente is the first Chinese online academy where students of Chinese around the world can share at the same time a virtual campus with all academic services:

  • Live classes with teacher
  • Library media materials
  • Tutorials
  • Common Areas

Easy and intuitive Chinese course

The performance of our online Chinese academy is very simple, you enter the platform and sign up to a Chinese language class you want to join, you can keep your own order or consult with our tutors.

High Quality and Highly Skilled Professor of Chinese

Chinese classes are taught by qualified teachers in teaching Chinese to foreigners coming from many famous Chinese universities, the quality of the classes is assured.

Learn Chinese with the highest quality

Share class with students from around the world, in our Chinese classes attended by students from different countries and languages, with a limit of 5 students per class we ensure excellent dynamics and quality of the training classes.

The cheapest Chinese Classes of the market.

A flat rate of £72 per month and performs up to 60 Chinese lessons each month allow you to study Chinese for less than £ 1.2, we worked hard to make that economy is not a problem to study Chinese.
Multimedia materials about the Chinese language and culture.

Handy access to multiple multimedia training materials to enhance Chinese classes, complete your Chinese course with videos, exercised practical ...Will be vailable soon.