Learn Chinese with your private teacher

The best and most effective way to learn Chinese with online Chinese private lessons.
1 on1 Orientalmente Chinese courses show an outstanding quality and adaptability to all aspects of student:

  • Tailored Chinese language level
  • Tailored Chinese class schedule
  • Tailored number of Chinese classes

Make your Chinese lessons how, when and where you want.

100% customizable

Level 100% customizable

Our method of teaching Chinese language allows us to admit students from beginners to experts in Chinese language.

100% customizable schedule

You have available lessons over all hours of the day, Orientalmente works 24 hours a day, with Chinese private teacher.

100% Flexible

Different programs of study allow you to modify the schedule of classes adapted to your needs.

Your best investment

Chinese is not the language of the future is the language of the present, preparing yourself and learning Chinese language is essential to develop yourself internationally and our academy offers a Chinese language private teacher wherever and whenever you want at a cost of class without competition.


100% specialized

We have programs for specific sectors, Business Chinese, Chinese for Kids, Chinese Express, Chinese trade, special programs for schools and courses for companies.
We can adapt or create an apprenticeship program or development of Chinese language that covers your specific needs, both in content and schedule.


Try a Chinese language class without compromise.

We provide you a test class Chinese language with a tutor from our school, at no cost, no obligation.
You just need to indicate that you want to make the class day and see available times
Request test classes