Prepare your professional future in China.

Perform an internship period in China, gaining international experience performing internship in Chinese companies!
Chinese enterprises require students to their financial, accounting or marketing departments, industry also requires qualified engineers and students to develop within their companies.Entering into a Chinese company for an internship is an excellent tool to get confident with your working team and to get a stable job in the People's Republic of China.

Contact us and arrange an interview, we will determine your profile (based on your experience and skills) , and the company more suitable for you. We will also explain you a little more about the program.
Most companies offer paid internships in China, but this will depend on your experience and your negotiating skills, we have connections with companies in Shanghai and Beijing. The majority of our customers get a full time job after 6 months of internship.
Our partner in China has quite long experience and has an extensive network of companies in leading cities of China, in the Chinese labor market confidence in its suppliers is one of the main values for which can be distinguished .

Prepare your internship in China with our Chinese courses.

Orientalmente offers Chinese courses with private Chinese teacher totally adapted to your requirements, our courses can be specialized by sector thus making the course more effective.
These courses are tailored to your knowledge of the Chinese language, you have complete flexibility programs that allow you to study Chinese at any time of day, our teachers are certified by different Chinese universities and specialized in teaching Chinese to foreigners.
Do not hesitate, try a free class Chinese Chinese.