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HSK exam preparation course

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Prepare your HSK exam with your tutor, we have adapted the syllabus at every level of HSK, this course may be everything you need.
The HSK is a Chinese language level test lorganized by guojia HANBAN which is an abbreviation for National Office for International Promotion of Chinese Language (国家汉办), Confucius institutes around the world organize on different dates HSK level test .
This test is internationally standardized, divided into 6 levels, which measures the competence of verbal and written comprehension of Mandarin Chinese whose first language is not Chinese in different areas such as employment, education or social.
As a Reference for Languages (CEFR for its acronym in English) shown below:
Our teachers are certified in teaching Chinese language to foreign students.
We have extensive experience in the successful preparation of the HSK exams, our teachers have collaborated with the Confucius Institute in different countries.
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